Plan or React?: Analysis of Adaptation Costs and Benefits Using Integrated Assessment Models

This report examines adaptation and mitigation within an integrated framework. Global and regional costs of adaptation are assessed dynamically and the resulting benefits are also quantified. This is accomplished by developing a framework to incorporate adaptation as a policy choice variable within three Integrated Assessment Models (IAMs).

Report on the technical workshop on costs and benefits of adaptation options

This report provides a summary of the technical workshop on costs and benefits of adaptation options, organized under the Nairobi work programme on impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to climate change. Discussions at the workshop addressed methodologies for assessing costs and benefits of adaptation options and how these methodologies are applied in and across different sectors.

Economic Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation and their role in project prioritisation and appraisal

In this paper the authors Peter Kuch and Simone Gigli have been applying their economist’s thinking to the challenge of how to prioritise and appraise adaptation options in developing countries. As we foresee plenty of work ahead of us in order to make adaptation happen, we hope this work on economic approaches to climate change adaptation will both help the conceptual discussion along and will assist us in getting the priorities right in practical adaptation action.

Handbook on Methods for Climate Change Impact Assessment and Adaptation Strategies

This handbook is designed to provide newcomers to the field of climate impact and adaptation assessment with a guide to available research methods, particularly for answering the first question. The handbook will also serve as a ready reference for many others currently engaged in impacts and adaptation research.

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies in Italy. An Economic Assessment

In this paper, the economic value of the impacts of climate change is assessed for different Italian economic sectors and regions. Sectoral and regional impacts are then aggregated to provide a macroeconomic estimate of variations in GDP induced by climate change in the next decades.

Challenges and opportunities for cropping systems in a changing climate

The report outlines how climate and atmospheric composition is already changing and how it may change further, how these changes may be affecting cropping system function, the adaptations that may be needed for cropping systems in the future and some key research challenges in the next five years.