The Economic Cost of Climate Change in Africa

It aims to document and analyse the economic costs of climate change in Africa. It also seeks to contribute to a more detailed understanding of the costs involved for Africa in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Human health. In Climate change 2007: Impacts, adaptation and vulnerability,

This volume illustrates the impacts of global warming already under way and the potential for adaptation to reduce the vulnerability to, and risks of climate change.

Technologies for climate change adaptation. Agriculture sector, TNA Guidebook Series

This guidebook is intended to assist developing country governments, agriculture practitioners, and stakeholders in conducting Technology needs Assessment (TNA) and prepare technology action plans for adaptation to climate change in the agriculture sector

Technologies for adaptation perspectives and practical experiences

These series bring perspectives of a number of practitioners, academia and policymakers on the concept of technologies for adaptation.

Successful adaptation to climate change across scales

The article outlines a set of normative evaluative criteria for judging the success of adaptations at different scales.

Ecosystems,their properties, goods, and services. Climate Change 2007: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability

In this chapter the focus is on the properties, goods and services of non-intensively managed and unmanaged ecosystems and their components (as grouped by widely accepted functional and structural classifications, Figure 4.1), and their potential vulnerability to climate change as based on scenarios mainly from IPCC (see Chapter 2 and IPCC, 2007). Certain ecosystem goods and services are treated in detail in other sectoral chapters (this volume): chapters 3 (water), 5 (food, fibre, fisheries), 6 (coasts) and 8 (health).

Climate Change Adaptation and Real Option Evaluation A Case Study in Campeche, Mexico

Report illustrates the application of Real Option Value approach to guide decision-making under high levels of uncertainty in Campeche, Mexico.

Non-paper Guidelines for Project Managers: Making vulnerable investments climate resilient

Main objective is to help developers of physical assets and infrastructure incorporate resilience to current climate variability and future climate change within their projects.

National Adaptation Plans: Technical Guidelines for the National Adaptation Plan Process

Technical guidelines to support the NAP (National Adaptation Plan) process. These technical guidelines will assist the LDCs in comprehensively addressing adaptation in a coherent and strategic manner.