Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture and Natural Resources Management Projects

Guidance note presents various methodologies aimed at carrying out an economic evaluation of adaptation investments in agriculture and natural resource management (NRM), and provides some guidance in selecting the most suitable approach for the project under consideration.

Investment Decision Making Under Deep Uncertainty: Application to Climate Change

Paper summarizes the additional uncertainty that is created by climate change, and reviews the tools that are available to project climate change (including downscaling techniques) and to assess and quantify the corresponding uncertainty.

Economcis of Adaptation

Chapter assesses the literature on the economics of climate change adaptation, building on the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) and the increasing role that economic considerations are playing in adaptation decisionmaking and policy.

Aggregate Economic Measures of Climate Change Damages: Explaining the Differences and Implications

Article outlines aggregate economic measures of damage from climate change and assesses the key assumptions and inputs in the estimates, and how these influence the aggregated results.

The Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries

Paper discusses the economic theory of adaptation as well as the empirical adaptation literature with a focus on developing countries.

Reviewing the Economic Efficiency of Disaster Risk Management

Review examines the evidence regarding the economic efficiency of DRM (Disaster Risk Management) based on CBA by exploring the methodological underpinnings including key omissions and challenges.

Climate Change: Impact on Agriculture and Costs of Adaptation

Report research provides detailed estimates of the impacts of climate change on agricultural production, consumption, prices, and trade, and also estimates the costs of adaptation for developing countries.