Economic Aspects of adaptation to climate change: Integrated assessment modelling of adaptation costs and benefits

The report seeks to inform critical questions with regard to policy mixes of investments in adaptation and mitigation, and how they might vary over time. This is facilitated here by examining adaptation within global Integrated Assessment Modelling frameworks.

The Costs to Developing Countries of Adapting to Climate Change: New Methods and Estimates

To shed light on adaptation costs—and with the global climate change negotiations resuming in December 2009 in Copenhagen—the Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change (EACC) study was initiated by the World Bank in early 2008, funded by the governments of the Netherlands, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Its objectives are to develop an estimate of adaptation costs for developing countries and to help decision makers in developing countries understand and assess the risks posed by climate change and design better strategies to adapt to climate change.

Adaptation Options on Natural Ecosystems.

Thus it is very difficult to define a coherent operational adaptation strategy for natural ecosystems. The report tries the even more difficult, estimation of the financing needs for adaptation, although investment in current conservation can provide some guidelines as to costs and to financing opportunities.

Health Impact of Climate Change

Description of the relative direction, magnitude, and certainty of climate change-related health impacts and describe costs of interventions