Improving public health responses to extreme weather/heat-waves – EuroHEAT'

Costs of existing public heat alert systems across Europe; EuroHEAT, a project co-funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Health and Consumers, aimed to improve public health responses to weather extremes and to heat-waves in particular.

Potential costs and benefits of adaptation options: A review of existing literature

Critique of UNFCCC (2007) and comment on global adaptation financing needs for 2030 in developing countries. Concludes the costs of adapting to climate change have been significantly under-estimated.

Case Study Germany. Sustainable Agriculture and Soil Conservation (SoCo Project)

The case studies cover: (1) a screening of farming practices that address soil conservation processes (soil erosion, soil compaction, loss of soil organic matter, contamination, etc.); the extent of their application under the local agricultural and environmental conditions; their potential effect on soil conservation; and their economic aspects (in the context of overall farm management); (2) an in-depth analysis of the design and implementation of agri-environmental measures under the rural development policy and other relevant policy measures or instruments for soil conservation; (3) exa

Entwicklung eines integrierten Hochwasserschutzkonzeptes für die deutsche Ostseeküste (Development of an integrated Flood protection concept for the German Baltic Sea Coast)

Storm floods in the Baltic Sea have a high damage potential. At the German Baltic 70% of the coasts are endangered by floods. There is a lot of different flood protection infrastructure established, but parts of bigger cities such as Lübeck or Wismar are still endangered by flooding. To reduce the damage risks in urban and rural areas an integrated flood protection concept would be useful to develop, integrating regional spatial planing, early warning systems and technical measures.

Klimawandel und Küste: Zeit zur Anpassung?! (Climate Change and Coast: Time for Adaptation?!)

Global climate change will manifest itself on the German North Sea coast not only in an accelerated rise of sea level but also in rising temperatures, an altered distribution of precipitation and wind as well as higher CO2 levels. In spite of uncertainties regarding the type and scope of such changes, possible impacts have to be investigated in order to enable preventive (adaptive) action to be taken.

KLARA – Klimawandel – Auswirkungen, Risiken, Anpassung. (KLARA - Climate Change - Impacts, Risks, Adaptation)

The regional study KLARA, an acronym for ‘Climate change - impacts, risks, Adaptation’, presents results of investigations on different areas of potential vulnerability for the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. An essential objective of the study is the identification of impact-reducing measures of adaptation in the areas considered.

Impacts of climate change on forests and forestry in Scotland

This report provides a preliminary discussion of the likely impacts of climate change for Scotland’s forest industry. Although the process of adaptation must begin now, the recommendations will be refined as more research and new information becomes available.

Health case study

This case study presents evidence of a monetised impact assessment of the impacts of heatwaves on human health in the county of Hampshire, Southern England. Specifically, we take the unusually warm conditions that existed in the UK in summer 2003 as an historical analogue of an event that is likely to become more frequent in the future under climate change.

A qualitative assessment of climate adaptation options and some estimates of adaptation costs

The aim of the current study is to provide a ‘qualitative assessment’ of the direct and indirect effects of adaptation options and to provide an assessment of some of the costs and benefits of adaptation options. The present report presents and summarizes the results of all phases of the study: an inventory of adaptation options, a qualitative assessment of the effects of the adaptation options for the Netherlands in the long run, a database which allows to rank the various options according to a set of criteria and a relative ranking on the basis of these criteria.