An assessment of the potential impact of climate change on flood risk in Mumbai.

Managing risks from extreme events will be a crucial component of climate change adaptation. In this study, we demonstrate an approach to assess future risks and quantify the benefits of adaptation options at a city-scale, with application to flood risk in Mumbai.

Equity and Cost-Effectiveness of Multilateral Adaptation Finance: Are they Friends or Foes?

This paper analyses potential criteria to allocate international funding for adaptation to climate change, as a response to one of the main governance challenges of international adaptation funding - the prioritization of project proposals given scarce funding.

People versus planners: Social preferences for adaptation to climate change

This paper reviews broadly the approaches adopted by a number of different professional interest groups to the issue of adaptation and outlines an economic perspective

Institutional adaptation of water resource infrastructures to climate change in Eastern Ontario

This case-study deals with local institutional adaptation to climate change of water-related infrastructures in the Easter Ontario region. Canada.

Adaptation options for infrastructure in developing countries

The terms of reference for this paper requested a consideration of adaptation options for infrastructure in developing countries

The Economic Cost of Climate Change in Africa

It aims to document and analyse the economic costs of climate change in Africa. It also seeks to contribute to a more detailed understanding of the costs involved for Africa in mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Climate Change and Water

The Technical Paper addresses the issue of freshwater. Climate, freshwater, biophysical and socio-economic systems are interconnected in complex ways. Hence, a change in any one of these can induce a change in any other. Freshwater-related issues are critical in determining key regional and sectoral vulnerabilities. Therefore, the relationship between climate change and freshwater resources is of primary concern to human society and also has implications for all living species.

Climate policy and the optimal balance between mitigation, adaptation and unavoided damage

This paper proposes a framework that that integrates mitigation, adaptation and climate change residual damages into an optimisation model

Assessing the role of microfinance in fostering adaptation to climate change

This paper offers the first emphirical assessment of the linkages between microfinance supported activities and adaptation to climate change.

A macroeconomic assessment of impacts and adaptation to climate change in Europe

This report provides a documentation of the integrated macroeconomic general equilibrium model GRACE_adapt, and presents results from the macroeconomic analysis of impacts and adaptation in Europe in case of a +2 °C and +4 °C increase in global mean temperature.