Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation Strategies in Italy. An Economic Assessment

In this paper, the economic value of the impacts of climate change is assessed for different Italian economic sectors and regions. Sectoral and regional impacts are then aggregated to provide a macroeconomic estimate of variations in GDP induced by climate change in the next decades.

The Vulnerability of the Snow Industry in the Swiss Alps

Against the background of global climate change, we may ask which skiing areas can still be considered to offer reliable snow covers in a warmer future, and which areas will cease to be suppliers in the winter tourism industry due to insufficient snow covers. Furthermore, we may inquire as to the strategies and measures that may be taken to adapt to this development, which is problematic both from a regional and national economic point of view.

KLARA – Klimawandel – Auswirkungen, Risiken, Anpassung. (KLARA - Climate Change - Impacts, Risks, Adaptation)

The regional study KLARA, an acronym for ‘Climate change - impacts, risks, Adaptation’, presents results of investigations on different areas of potential vulnerability for the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. An essential objective of the study is the identification of impact-reducing measures of adaptation in the areas considered.

A qualitative assessment of climate adaptation options and some estimates of adaptation costs

The aim of the current study is to provide a ‘qualitative assessment’ of the direct and indirect effects of adaptation options and to provide an assessment of some of the costs and benefits of adaptation options. The present report presents and summarizes the results of all phases of the study: an inventory of adaptation options, a qualitative assessment of the effects of the adaptation options for the Netherlands in the long run, a database which allows to rank the various options according to a set of criteria and a relative ranking on the basis of these criteria.