Assessing Sea Level Rise Costs and Adaptation Benefits Under Uncertainty in Greece

Contributes to the existing literature by implementing Monte Carlo simulations and real options valuation in estimating SLR costs and adaptation benefits under uncertainty in Greece.

Adaptatie aan Klimaatveranderiung - Globale Kosten en Praktische Voorbelden. Literatuurstudie.(Adaptation to Climate Change: Global Costs and Practical Examples)

Extensive study of the international literature concerning the effects of climate change and the associated costs, scaled to the Flemish context for an initial estimate of the potential cost of climate change in Flanders. (in Flemish)

Urban Regions: Vulnerabilities, Vulnerability Assessments by Indicators and Adaptation Options for Climate Change Impacts

Study assesses the feasibility of developing climate change related vulnerability indicators for urban areas to support future EU spatial development policy by reviewing available literature and research activities.

Economics of Climate Change: Kenya

Study covers the impacts and economics costs of climate change, the costs of adaptation, and the potential for low carbon growth in Kenya.

Adapting to Climate Change: Costs, Benefits, and Modelling Approaches

Summarizes and critically assesses different methodologies and results of literature on the economics of adaptation.

ATEAM Final report

ATEAM's primary objective was to assess the vulnerability of human sectors relying on ecosystem services with respect to global change. We consider vulnerability to be a function of potential impacts and adaptive capacity to global change. Multiple, internally consistent scenarios of potential impacts and vulnerabilities of the sectors agriculture, forestry, carbon storage, water, nature conservation and mountain tourism in the 21st century were mapped for Europe at a regional scale for four time slices (1990, 2020, 2050, 2080).

Report On The Costs Of The Hot Summer Of 2003

Assessment of impacts of 2003-summer for some sectors in the UK, cost of adaptation

Sweden facing climate change - threats and opportunities

Costs of adaptation for many sectors, costs and benefits for road transport sector