National Economic Environment Development Studies

The main objectives of the National Economic, Environment and Development Study (NEEDS) are to support the participating countries in: (1) Selecting key sectors for climate change mitigation and adaptation measures, on the basis of priorities identified in the national communications and in national development plans; (2) Assessing the financing required and received to implement mitigation and adaptation measures in the key sectors selected in 1.

WGII AR5 Chapter 23: Europe.

Describe different impacts and adaptation costs, benefits for sectors in Europe.

A global analysis of erosion of sandy beaches and sea-level rise: An application of DIVA

This paper presents a first assessment of the global effects of climate-induced sea-level rise on the erosion of sandy beaches, and its consequent impacts in the formof land loss and forced migration of people.We consider direct erosion on open sandy coasts and indirect erosion near selected tidal inlets and estuaries.

The Environmental, Economic and Social Impacts of Climate Change in Greece

The report describes the expected climate impacts for Greece (for different sectors), the costs of climate change and adaptation in Greece.

Climate change impacts and adaptation in cities: A review of the literature

This review of the academic and “grey” literature provides an overview assessment of the state of the art in the quantification and valuation of climate risks at the city-scale

Designing climate change adaptation policies: An economic framework

This report proposes a general economic framework to help stakeholders in the public sector to develop effective adaptation strategies

Social equity considerations in the implementations of Caribbean climate change adaptation policies

This paper focuses on the need to ensure inclusion and social equity in adaptation planning as climate change issues disproportionately impact health, settlement, and livelihoods of these vulnerable groups

Institutional adaptation of water resource infrastructures to climate change in Eastern Ontario

This case-study deals with local institutional adaptation to climate change of water-related infrastructures in the Easter Ontario region. Canada.

The Economic Cost of Climate Change in Africa

It aims to document and analyse the economic costs of climate change in Africa. It also seeks to contribute to a more detailed understanding of the costs involved for Africa in mitigating and adapting to climate change.