The Economics of Climate Resilience: Synthesis Report

Analysis investigates current and likely adaptation actions and identifies the key barriers to actions being widely implemented, effective, timely and proportionate to the challenges facing the UK.

The Economics of Climate Resilience Buildings and Infrastructure Theme: Overheating in Residential Housing

Given projected climate change in the UK, the report looks at the need for further action in relation to heat impacts on people in residential buildings.

The Economics of Climate Resilience: Appraising interventions to diminish the mental health effects of flooding – a case study of Hull

This report focuses on the mental health impacts of flooding. It briefly explores the nature and consequences of flood events and then reviews the impact of interventions on the mental health effects of floods.

Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change: Samoa

Study examines the consequences of an increase in average temperatures of up to 1°C by 2050 and up to 2.75°C by 2100 for the frequency and intensity of major cyclones that hit the islands.

The Economics of Climate Change in Southeast Asia: A Regional Review

Study is intended to enrich the debate on the economics of climate change including the economic costs and benefits of unilateral and regional actions in Southeast Asia.

Technical Policy Briefing Note 5: Health - The Impacts and Economic Costs of Climate Change on Health in Europe

Guidance note provides an overview of a European-wide assessment of the impacts and economic costs of climate change on health as part of the ClimateCost project, and the analysis of the costs and benefits of adaptation.

The Effects of Temperature and Use of Air Conditioning on Hospitalizations

Paper investigates the association between temperature and hospital admissions in California from 1999 to 2005.