Rethinking Cholera and Typhoid Vaccination Policies for the Poor: Private Demand in Kolkata, India

Conducted a contingent valuation (CV) survey of 835 randomly selected adults from two neighborhoods in Kolkata, India to provide information on private demand for cholera and typhoid vaccines for themselves and for household members to support more nuanced financial and economics analyses of such vaccination program

Seasonal tertiary wastewater treatment in California: An analysis of public health benefits and costs

Evaluation of seasonally based effluent limits for wastewater treatment facilities, including introduction of disinfected tertiary treatment during the winter

Economic and health effects of increasing coverage of low-cost household drinking-water supply and sanitation interventions to countries off-track to meet MDG target 10

The aim of this study is to estimate the health impacts and economic costs and benefits of improving water supply and sanitation services, with a focus on the least developed countries that are “off-track” to meet the water supply and sanitation MDG targets

Economcis of Adaptation

Chapter assesses the literature on the economics of climate change adaptation, building on the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) and the increasing role that economic considerations are playing in adaptation decisionmaking and policy.

The National Adaptation Programme Report: Analytical Annex

Analytical annex for the The National Adaptation Programme. Contains the current evidence base for adaptation decision-making and presents the analysis that informs the National Adaptation Programme’s approach to adaptation to climate change.

The National Adaptation Programme: Making the country resilient to a changing climate

Programme, drawn up by the government, industry and other non government organisations, contains a mix of policies and actions to help the UK to adapt successfully to future weather conditions, by dealing with the risks and making the most of the opportunities.

The Economics of Climate Resilience: Appraising flood management initiatives – a case study

Report presents a framework for appraising different adaptation actions, focusing specifically on the appraisal of flood risk management initiatives.