Setting priorities for adapting to climate change

This paper suggests criteria that can be used to help determine which measures should be implemented in advance of climate change, and of those measures, which should receive the highest priority.

Climate change impacts and adaptation in cities: A review of the literature

This review of the academic and “grey” literature provides an overview assessment of the state of the art in the quantification and valuation of climate risks at the city-scale

The effect of different mitigation strategies on international financing of adaptation

This study applies an Integrated Assessment Model to gain insight in the interactions between adaptation costs, residual damages and mitigation costs and to analyse the effectiveness of a 2% levy on both the CDM and emissions trading from developing countries.

Designing climate change adaptation policies: An economic framework

This report proposes a general economic framework to help stakeholders in the public sector to develop effective adaptation strategies

Integrated strategies to reduce vulnerability and advance adaptation, mitigation, and sustainable development

This paper identifies integrated approaches to formulating strategies and measures to concurrently advance adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development

Social equity considerations in the implementations of Caribbean climate change adaptation policies

This paper focuses on the need to ensure inclusion and social equity in adaptation planning as climate change issues disproportionately impact health, settlement, and livelihoods of these vulnerable groups

Notes on applying “real options” to climate change adaptation measures, with examples from Vietnam

This note builds on Dobes (2008) and Dobes (2010) which propose that the „real options‟ approach is ideally suited to addressing the climatic uncertainty associated with adaptation measures.

People versus planners: Social preferences for adaptation to climate change

This paper reviews broadly the approaches adopted by a number of different professional interest groups to the issue of adaptation and outlines an economic perspective

Institutional adaptation of water resource infrastructures to climate change in Eastern Ontario

This case-study deals with local institutional adaptation to climate change of water-related infrastructures in the Easter Ontario region. Canada.