Probabilistic spatial risk assessment of heat impacts and adaptations for London

This study utilises high spatial resolution probabilistic projections of urban temperatures along with projections of demographic change, to provide a probabilistic risk assessment of heat impacts on urban society. The study focuses on Greater London and the surrounding region, assessing mortality risk, thermal discomfort in residential buildings, and adaptation options within an integrated framework.

The Economics of Early Response and Disaster Resilience: Lessons from Bangladesh

The study specifically focuses on response and resilience for floods. This analysis compares the cost of three scenarios: Late humanitarian response; Early annual humanitarian response; and Investment in resilience.

The Environmental, Economic and Social Impacts of Climate Change in Greece

The report describes the expected climate impacts for Greece (for different sectors), the costs of climate change and adaptation in Greece.

A Summary of Climate Change Impact Assessments from the U.S. Country Studies Program.

Forty-nine countries participating in the U.S. Country Studies Program (USCSP) assessed climate change impacts in one or more of eight sectors: coastal resources, agriculture, grasslands/livestock, water resources, forests, fisheries, wildlife, and health. The studies were generally limited to analysis of first order biophysical effects, e.g., coastal inundation, crop yield, and runoff changes. There were some limited studies of adaptation. We review and synthesize the results of the impact assessments conducted under the USCSP.

Sea-Level Rise

Policy brief which provides an overview of the European-wide assessment of the impacts and economic costs of sea-level rise, and an analysis of the costs and benefits of adaptation.

Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change: Synthesis Report

The study aims to develop a global estimate of adaptation costs for informing the international community’s efforts in the climate negotiations

Equity and Cost-Effectiveness of Multilateral Adaptation Finance: Are they Friends or Foes?

This paper analyses potential criteria to allocate international funding for adaptation to climate change, as a response to one of the main governance challenges of international adaptation funding - the prioritization of project proposals given scarce funding.

Estimating Costs of Adaptation to Climate Change

The EACC study addresses many of the shortcomings found in the adaptation cost literature

Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change for the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) and the Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF)

The paper presents, inter-alia: (i) an analysis of the role of the GEF in financing adaptation; (ii) a summary of previous GEF experience in adaptation financing and a clarification of what is adaptation in practice.

Adaptation Investments: A Resource Allocation Framework

This paper discusses how adaptation funding may be allocated among developing countries in a transparent, efficient and equitable way.