Klimawandel kostet die deutsche Volkswirtschaft Milliarden

Assessment of damage costs and costs for adaptation for climate change in different sectors in Germany, The results are based on the the Integrated Assessment Model of Economy-Energy-Climate – The model WIAGEM.

Informing Adaptation to Climate Change in the UK: Some Sectoral Impact Costs.

A "bottom-up" study of potential climate change impact costs in the UK that reflects the priorities identified by regional stakeholder groups within the UK.

Valuing Climate Change Impacts on Human Health: Empirical Evidence from the Literature.

This paper critically reviews a number of studies about the costs of planned adaptation in the health context, and compares current health expenditures with MDGs which are felt to be inadequate when considering climate change impacts.

Improving public health responses to extreme weather/heat-waves – EuroHEAT'

Costs of existing public heat alert systems across Europe; EuroHEAT, a project co-funded by the European Commission Directorate-General for Health and Consumers, aimed to improve public health responses to weather extremes and to heat-waves in particular.

Economic Aspects of Adaptation to Climate Change: Costs, Benefits and Policy Instruments.

Assessment of adaptation costs and benefits in climate sensitive sectors, as well as at national and global levels. Discussion of potential and limits of economic and policy instruments that can be used to motivate adaptation actions

Potential costs and benefits of adaptation options: A review of existing literature

Critique of UNFCCC (2007) and comment on global adaptation financing needs for 2030 in developing countries. Concludes the costs of adapting to climate change have been significantly under-estimated.