Technologies for adaptation perspectives and practical experiences

These series bring perspectives of a number of practitioners, academia and policymakers on the concept of technologies for adaptation.

Climate change adaptation in developing countries: issues and perspectives for economic analysis

This paper provides some guidance to the policy-oriented researchers’ work on valuing climate change adaptation in developing countries.

Successful adaptation to climate change across scales

The article outlines a set of normative evaluative criteria for judging the success of adaptations at different scales.

The value of El Nino forecasts in the management of salmon: A stochastic dynamic assessment

The authors develop a bioeconomic model of the coho salmon fishery and derive the value of information from improved El Niño forecasting ability.

The Economics of Climate Resilience: Synthesis Report

Analysis investigates current and likely adaptation actions and identifies the key barriers to actions being widely implemented, effective, timely and proportionate to the challenges facing the UK.

Adaptatie aan Klimaatveranderiung - Globale Kosten en Praktische Voorbelden. Literatuurstudie.(Adaptation to Climate Change: Global Costs and Practical Examples)

Extensive study of the international literature concerning the effects of climate change and the associated costs, scaled to the Flemish context for an initial estimate of the potential cost of climate change in Flanders. (in Flemish)

Urban Regions: Vulnerabilities, Vulnerability Assessments by Indicators and Adaptation Options for Climate Change Impacts

Study assesses the feasibility of developing climate change related vulnerability indicators for urban areas to support future EU spatial development policy by reviewing available literature and research activities.