Social equity considerations in the implementations of Caribbean climate change adaptation policies

This paper focuses on the need to ensure inclusion and social equity in adaptation planning as climate change issues disproportionately impact health, settlement, and livelihoods of these vulnerable groups

Notes on applying “real options” to climate change adaptation measures, with examples from Vietnam

This note builds on Dobes (2008) and Dobes (2010) which propose that the „real options‟ approach is ideally suited to addressing the climatic uncertainty associated with adaptation measures.

People versus planners: Social preferences for adaptation to climate change

This paper reviews broadly the approaches adopted by a number of different professional interest groups to the issue of adaptation and outlines an economic perspective

Institutional adaptation of water resource infrastructures to climate change in Eastern Ontario

This case-study deals with local institutional adaptation to climate change of water-related infrastructures in the Easter Ontario region. Canada.

Adaptation and mitigation in long-term climate policies

The paper analytically explores the optimal policy mix between mitigation and environmental adaptation against climate change at a macroeconomic level. It focuses on a long-term dynamic analysis of a model with accumulation in physical capital, greenhouse gases, and adaptation capital.

The Cost of Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa

This paper provides a synopsis of the potential impacts of climate change on Africa and draws out implications for the resources the Continent may require to enable it to adapt to climate change. Its intention is to assist African negotiators and policy-makers in understanding the latest research on these topics to inform their discussions and negotiations at national, regional and international fora.

Adaptation Options for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

This report discusses investment costs for climate change adaptation employed to offset climate change effects in an agricultural, forest and fisheries (AFF) production context.

A macroeconomic assessment of impacts and adaptation to climate change in Europe

This report provides a documentation of the integrated macroeconomic general equilibrium model GRACE_adapt, and presents results from the macroeconomic analysis of impacts and adaptation in Europe in case of a +2 °C and +4 °C increase in global mean temperature.

Economics of adaptation to climate change. Synthesis report

The study has two broad objectives: to develop a global estimate of adaptation costs for informing the international community‘s efforts in the climate negotiations, and to help decisionmakers in developing countries assess the risks posed by climate change and design national strategies for adapting to climate change.