WGII AR5 Chapter 23: Europe.

Describe different impacts and adaptation costs, benefits for sectors in Europe.

Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change: Vietnam

This report provides a synthesis of the key findings of the sector studies undertaken in Vietnam in the context of the EACC study. The sectors covered by the study are agriculture, aquaculture, forestry, social, and coastal ports.

The Environmental, Economic and Social Impacts of Climate Change in Greece

The report describes the expected climate impacts for Greece (for different sectors), the costs of climate change and adaptation in Greece.

A Summary of Climate Change Impact Assessments from the U.S. Country Studies Program.

Forty-nine countries participating in the U.S. Country Studies Program (USCSP) assessed climate change impacts in one or more of eight sectors: coastal resources, agriculture, grasslands/livestock, water resources, forests, fisheries, wildlife, and health. The studies were generally limited to analysis of first order biophysical effects, e.g., coastal inundation, crop yield, and runoff changes. There were some limited studies of adaptation. We review and synthesize the results of the impact assessments conducted under the USCSP.

Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change: Synthesis Report

The study aims to develop a global estimate of adaptation costs for informing the international community’s efforts in the climate negotiations

Estimating Costs of Adaptation to Climate Change

The EACC study addresses many of the shortcomings found in the adaptation cost literature

Will Private Finance Support Climate Change Adaptation in Developing Countries? Historical Investment Patterns as a Window on Future Private Climate Finance

This paper explores what historical patterns of investment reveal about the potential for the private sector to play a significant role in raising and delivering climate finance, specifically in the context of the adaptation needs of developing countries.

Climate change impacts and adaptation in cities: A review of the literature

This review of the academic and “grey” literature provides an overview assessment of the state of the art in the quantification and valuation of climate risks at the city-scale

The effect of different mitigation strategies on international financing of adaptation

This study applies an Integrated Assessment Model to gain insight in the interactions between adaptation costs, residual damages and mitigation costs and to analyse the effectiveness of a 2% levy on both the CDM and emissions trading from developing countries.

Integrated strategies to reduce vulnerability and advance adaptation, mitigation, and sustainable development

This paper identifies integrated approaches to formulating strategies and measures to concurrently advance adaptation, mitigation and sustainable development