Climate policy and the optimal balance between mitigation, adaptation and unavoided damage

This paper proposes a framework that that integrates mitigation, adaptation and climate change residual damages into an optimisation model

Adaptation effectiveness and free-riding incentives in international environmental agreements

The purpose of this paper is to investigate how increasing the efficiency of adaptation technology is to avoid the damage from a transboundary pollutant affects individual countries incentives to participate in internation environmental agreements that mitigare emisions

Adaptation investments: A resource allocation framework.

This paper is about how additional adaptation funds should be allocated among countries. The focus is on public sector assistance, although public funds may ultimately also be used to support private adaptation

Economics of adaptation to climate change. Synthesis report

The study has two broad objectives: to develop a global estimate of adaptation costs for informing the international community‘s efforts in the climate negotiations, and to help decisionmakers in developing countries assess the risks posed by climate change and design national strategies for adapting to climate change.

Human health. In Climate change 2007: Impacts, adaptation and vulnerability,

This volume illustrates the impacts of global warming already under way and the potential for adaptation to reduce the vulnerability to, and risks of climate change.

Ecosystem-based adaptation: A natural response to climate change

This report presents 10 examples of Ecosystem-based Adaptation taking place in both developing and developed countries, at national, regional, and local scales, and in marine, terrestrial, and freshwater environments. The case studies demonstrate how Ecosystem-based Adaptation is being implemented at project and programmatic levels.

Technologies for adaptation perspectives and practical experiences

These series bring perspectives of a number of practitioners, academia and policymakers on the concept of technologies for adaptation.

Climate change adaptation in developing countries: issues and perspectives for economic analysis

This paper provides some guidance to the policy-oriented researchers’ work on valuing climate change adaptation in developing countries.