Adaptation in the UK: A Decision-making Process

Report discusses a framework for adaptation decisionmaking and examines the implications for adaptation planning across four case studies: the food sector; the water sector; flooding; and ecosystems and biodiversity.

Assessing Sea Level Rise Costs and Adaptation Benefits Under Uncertainty in Greece

Contributes to the existing literature by implementing Monte Carlo simulations and real options valuation in estimating SLR costs and adaptation benefits under uncertainty in Greece.

Water Resources Planning Under Climate Change: A "Real Options" Application to Investment Planning in the Blue Nile

Document develops a “real options” approach for planning new water resources infrastructure investments and their operating strategies in a world of climate change uncertainty.

Strategies to Adapt to an Uncertain Climate Change

Paper calls for the development of innovative adaptation strategies able to cope with the uncertainty on future climates, and for more involvement of climate information end-users.

Climate change uncertainty: building flexibility into water and flood risk infrastructure

Study applies RIO (real in option) analysis to the selection and timing of options for the modification of an urban drainage system as an example of how best to adapt these systems to provide greater climate change resilience.

Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change: Ethiopia

Main goal is to aid Ethiopia's government to understand the potential economic impacts of climate change and to develop sound policies and investments in response to such impacts. Adaptation options and their costs are estimated and compared with the costs of inaction. The analysis of impacts and adaptation focuses on three sectors considered: agriculture, road infrastructure, and hydropower.

Investing for the Future: Flood and Coastal Risk Management in England

Report sets out the best available evidence on the choices the people of England face regarding how much should be invested in managing the increasing risk of flooding and coastal erosion, and how the Environment Agency should deliver a long-term programme of investment.

Uncertainty and Climate Change Adaptation: A Scoping Study

The report reviews methods and tools available in the literature on the assessment of climate change uncertainties and reviews existing frameworks for decision making under uncertainty for adaptation to climate change in the Netherlands.

Research to identify potential low-regrets adaptation options to climate change in the residential buildings sector

Aim is to develop an adaptation cost curve for the residential buildings sector for a geographical area within the UK and Identify a series of no- and low-regrets options that apply broadly across the UK.

Your Home in a Changing Climate: Retrofitting Existing Homes for Climate Change Impacts

Report explores the potential for retrofitting to introduce adaptation measures to improve the performance of existing homes against three impacts of climate change: flooding, water stress and overheating.