The National Adaptation Programme: Making the country resilient to a changing climate

Programme, drawn up by the government, industry and other non government organisations, contains a mix of policies and actions to help the UK to adapt successfully to future weather conditions, by dealing with the risks and making the most of the opportunities.

The Economics of Climate Resilience: Synthesis Report

Analysis investigates current and likely adaptation actions and identifies the key barriers to actions being widely implemented, effective, timely and proportionate to the challenges facing the UK.

The Economics of Climate Resilience Buildings and Infrastructure Theme: Overheating in Residential Housing

Given projected climate change in the UK, the report looks at the need for further action in relation to heat impacts on people in residential buildings.

Economics of Climate Resilience Natural Environment Theme: Natural Flood Management

Develops evidence to inform the UK National Adaptation Programme and the adaptation plans of the Devolved Administrations.

Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change: Samoa

Study examines the consequences of an increase in average temperatures of up to 1°C by 2050 and up to 2.75°C by 2100 for the frequency and intensity of major cyclones that hit the islands.

Non-paper Guidelines for Project Managers: Making vulnerable investments climate resilient

Main objective is to help developers of physical assets and infrastructure incorporate resilience to current climate variability and future climate change within their projects.

Adaptation to an Uncertain Climate Change: Cost Benefit Analysis and Robust Decision Making for Dam Dimensioning

Paper applies robust anticipated adaptation strategies that aim at reducing vulnerability in the largest possible range of climate changes to dam dimensioning in the water management sector

Met Office: The Public Weather Service’s contribution to the UK economy

Review of the annual economic and social benefits associated with the PWS (Public Weather Service) within the UK.