Climate Warming and Water Management Adaptation for California

Paper focuses on the likely effects of a range of climate warming estimates on the long-term performance and management of California’s water system.

The Effects of Temperature and Use of Air Conditioning on Hospitalizations

Paper investigates the association between temperature and hospital admissions in California from 1999 to 2005.

Identifying and Evaluating Robust Adaptive Policy Responses to Climate Change for Water Management Agencies in the American West

Paper uses RDM (Robust Decision Making) methods to help water agencies in the western United States develop robust, adaptive strategies that could successfully accommodate the uncertain effects of climate change and other water management conditions.

Strategies to Adapt to an Uncertain Climate Change

Paper calls for the development of innovative adaptation strategies able to cope with the uncertainty on future climates, and for more involvement of climate information end-users.

Presenting Uncertainty About Climate Change to Water-Resource Managers

Sumary of workshops Inland Empire Utilities Agency documenting methods and observations to preserve an archive of the workshop process.

Preparing for an Uncertain Future Climate in the Inland Empire

Document describes the analysis developed for the fourth workshop which was developed to help water managers, technical staff, elected officials, and other planners from the IEUA region consider the significance of potential climate change relative to other key planning uncertainties and evaluate options for reducing their vulnerability to supply shortfalls under a wide range of plausible future conditions.

Adapting to a Changing Colorado River

Report describes RAND's contributions to the Colorado River Basin Water Supply and Demand Study with a focus on the methodological underpinnings to provide a more useful resource for other planners wishing to replicate or expand on the methodologies used.

Planning Tool to Support Planning the Future of Coastal Louisiana

Article provides a summary of the CPRA Planning Tool, a computer-based decision support tool, that supported the development of the Louisiana Master Plan through CPRA and community-based deliberations.

New Methods for Identifying Robust Long-Term Water Resources Management Strategies for California

This dissertation has two main objectives. The first is to motivate the need for new quantitative scenario-based planning and decision making methods for California water resource management. The second is to demonstrate the benefits of such methods for water resource planning, and in particular in California water resources planning.

A new analytic method for finding policy-relevant scenarios

Paper describes a new analytic method for identifying scenarios that may help resolve the challenges of finding the the best means to choose three or four scenarios to summarize what is often a very wide range of uncertainties and how best to include probabilistic information with such scenarios.