Looking beyond the horizon: how climate change impacts and adaptation responses will reshape agriculture in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The authors bring together the findings and recommendations generated through in-depth quantitative and qualitative analyses carried out in four ECA countries—Albania, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Moldova, and Uzbekistan—with important agricultural sectors that are being affected by climate change.

Hamburg Climate Action Plan 2007-2012. Update 2011-2012.

Communication of the Senate to the Hamburg Parliament, “Update of the Hamburg Climate Action Plan 2007-2012”, Report on further development of programme, implementation of measures in 2011, and planned allocation of funds in 2012 (fourth update)

Adaptation to climate change among electricity distribution companies in Norway and Sweden: lessons from the field

The article analyses local adaptation to climate change in the electricity sector in Norway and Sweden. More specific, this article analyses the adaptive capacity of four local grid-companies in the two countries, based on national context, company size, and experience with weather events.

Copenhagen climate adaptation plan.

With this climate adaptation plan we will outline the challenges the city faces in the short and medium terms as a result of changes we expect in the future climate. We will also identify those solutions that, based on our present-day knowledge, appear to be most appropriate and reveal the opportunities climate change may also present to the city.

The Impact of Climate Change on Energy Expenditures in California

In this appendix, we use a national cross-sectional analysis and detailed data from California to examine the sensitivity of energy expenditures to climate change in the state. The analysis begins with a logit regression that explains the probability that a building will be cooled. Long- and short-run cross-sectional approaches are then explored to estimate the sensitivity of energy expenditures and buildings to changes in climate.

Water resource planning under climate uncertainty in London

This case study aims to assess what effect factoring long term climate uncertainty has on investment planning in the water sector, specifically: - The impact on reliability of resources. - Whether the impacts alter the cost-effectiveness of supply-demand options. - The impact on investment decisions and the robustness of option programmes.

World Development Report 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography

Growing cities, ever more mobile people, and increasingly specialized products are integral to development. These changes have been most noticeable in North America, Western Europe, and Northeast Asia. But countries in East and South Asia and Eastern Europe are now experiencing changes that are similar in their scope and speed. World Development Report 2009: Reshaping Economic Geography concludes that such transformations will remain essential for economic success in other parts of the developing world and should be encouraged.

WGII AR5 Chapter 23: Europe.

Describe different impacts and adaptation costs, benefits for sectors in Europe.

Managing the land in a changing climate

This report is part of a series of annual progress reports by the Adaptation Sub-Committee to assess how the country is preparing for the major risks and opportunities from climate change. Together these reports will provide the baseline evidence for the Committee’s statutory report to Parliament on preparedness due in 2015.