Technologies for adaptation perspectives and practical experiences

These series bring perspectives of a number of practitioners, academia and policymakers on the concept of technologies for adaptation.

Climate change adaptation in developing countries: issues and perspectives for economic analysis

This paper provides some guidance to the policy-oriented researchers’ work on valuing climate change adaptation in developing countries.

Climate impacts on energy systems: key issues for energy sector adaptation

This report is intended as an up-to-date compendium of what is known about weather variability and projected climate trends and their impacts on energy service provision and demand. It discusses emerging practices and tools for managing these impacts and integrating climate considerations into planning processes and operational practices in an environment of uncertainty

Argentina - Flood Protection Project

The objective of the Flood Projection Project is to improve the security of economic assets and persons living in flood-prone areas by constructing defense facilities to reduce future losses due to floods, and by strengthening national and provincial institutions and systems for dealing with future floods as a next phase after the Flood Rehabilitation Project to restore the assets lost in the recent floods.

Cost-benefit Analysis of Natural Disaster Risk Management in Developing Countries

This manual informs about the potential and applicability of CBA for natural disaster management in developing countries for a context with often little data and resources. The manual involved desk-based research as well as project visits to Peru and Indonesia in order to test and outline the feasibility of CBA in different contexts.

Natural Disaster Risk Management and Financing Disaster Losses in Developing Countries

The main objective of the book is to establish a platform to provide information on the costs caused by disasters and the costs and benefits of disaster risk management focusing on ex-ante risk financing measures taken governments in developing countries. The final objective is to provide insight into the specific conditions where risk financing may constitute an option that provides net benefits and increases social welfare.

World Disasters Report

The 10th World Disasters Report looks at how to reduce the risks that natural disasters pose to vulnerable communities around the world.

Cost-benefit analysis for developing countries.

In this new, updated version of his earlier book, Project Appraisal for Developing Countries, Robert Brent provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to recent developments in project appraisal.