Adaptation Options For Coastal Areas And Infrastructure: An Analysis For 2030

The goal of this report is to estimate the total investment in adaptation options for coastal 6 areas and infrastructure during the year 2030

Adaptation options for infrastructure in developing countries

The terms of reference for this paper requested a consideration of adaptation options for infrastructure in developing countries

The Cost of Extreme Events in 2030

This paper has several aims. It attempts to provide: a projection of extreme event costs in 2030 in as much geographic and sectoral detail as possible, an overview of current levels of extreme event costs, an overview of current sources of financing extreme events, parallel estimates of “attritional” losses from smaller events and an assessment of how current financing arrangements need to change to meet the requirements of adaptation.

Insurance against Losses from Natural Disasters in Developing Countries

This paper examines the recent experience with insurance and other risk-financing instruments in developing countries in order to gain insights into their effectiveness in reducing economic insecurity.

Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation. The Water Sector.

This guidebook aims to provide expert information on the technologies most relevant for climate change adaptation in the water sector in developing countries.

Climate Change and Water

The Technical Paper addresses the issue of freshwater. Climate, freshwater, biophysical and socio-economic systems are interconnected in complex ways. Hence, a change in any one of these can induce a change in any other. Freshwater-related issues are critical in determining key regional and sectoral vulnerabilities. Therefore, the relationship between climate change and freshwater resources is of primary concern to human society and also has implications for all living species.

Economics of adaptation to climate change. Synthesis report

The study has two broad objectives: to develop a global estimate of adaptation costs for informing the international community‘s efforts in the climate negotiations, and to help decisionmakers in developing countries assess the risks posed by climate change and design national strategies for adapting to climate change.

Technologies for climate change adaptation. Agriculture sector, TNA Guidebook Series

This guidebook is intended to assist developing country governments, agriculture practitioners, and stakeholders in conducting Technology needs Assessment (TNA) and prepare technology action plans for adaptation to climate change in the agriculture sector