MEDIATION and the Adaptation Challenge: Identifying appropriate methods and tools to support climate change adaptation decision making.

The MEDIATION project guides researchers, policy advisors and experts to suitable climate change adaptation methods and tools for a wide range of questions and from various disciplines and perspectives. The project involves 11 partners and 11 case studies. Summaries of five of these case studies can be found in the present publication. Further information on the MEDIATION methodology, Adaptation Platform and training materials, which were developed for experts with basic technical or scientific knowledge rather than the general public,

Adaptation and Mitigation in Long-term Climate Policy

The paper analytically explores the optimal allocation of investments into mitigation and environmental adaptation against climate change damages at a macroeconomic level. The economic-environmental model is formulated as a social planner problem where adaptation and abatement investments are separate decision variables.

The Economics of Climate Change Adaptation in Africa's Water Sector: A Review and Way Forward

This working paper summarises existing work on the costs and benefits of climate change adaptation for the water sector in Africa. It reviews adaptation cost estimates for the continent and the main economic appraisal methods used, then summarises results.

Using Portfolio Theory to Guide Reforestation and Restoration Under Climate Change Scenarios

Using Portfolio Theory, this study develops a method by which the selection of genetic material, to be used in regenerating or restoring a forest, is optimally adapted to multiple, equally probable future climates.

Dealing with Uncertainty in Flood Management Through Diversification

Argues the use of Modern Portfolio Theory for a systemmatic discussion of the relationship between the return and risk of individual flood mitigation activities and the return and risk of complete portfolios.