Theory and practice of economic analysis of adaptation

Explores the theoretical issues associated with estimating the costs of adaptation to climate change with a focus on the inclusion in Cost-Benefit Analysis of option values.

The National Adaptation Programme Report: Analytical Annex

Analytical annex for the The National Adaptation Programme. Contains the current evidence base for adaptation decision-making and presents the analysis that informs the National Adaptation Programme’s approach to adaptation to climate change.

Climate Change Adaptation and Real Option Evaluation A Case Study in Campeche, Mexico

Report illustrates the application of Real Option Value approach to guide decision-making under high levels of uncertainty in Campeche, Mexico.

The Value of Flexibility in Adapting to Climate Change: A Real Options Analysis of Investments in Coastal Defense

Paper examines whether a real options approach that recognizes uncertainty and maintains future flexibility can provide an improved adaptation investment strategy for sea level rise.

Assessing Sea Level Rise Costs and Adaptation Benefits Under Uncertainty in Greece

Contributes to the existing literature by implementing Monte Carlo simulations and real options valuation in estimating SLR costs and adaptation benefits under uncertainty in Greece.

Water Resources Planning Under Climate Change: A "Real Options" Application to Investment Planning in the Blue Nile

Document develops a “real options” approach for planning new water resources infrastructure investments and their operating strategies in a world of climate change uncertainty.

Climate change uncertainty: building flexibility into water and flood risk infrastructure

Study applies RIO (real in option) analysis to the selection and timing of options for the modification of an urban drainage system as an example of how best to adapt these systems to provide greater climate change resilience.

Flexible Urban Drainage Systems in New Land-use Areas

Dissertation focuses on the need for flexibility in urban drainage systems due to uncertain future conditions.

Accounting for the Effects of Climate Change

Application of real option analysis to Thames Estuary 2100 (TE2100) project