Saved health, saved wealth: an approach to quantifying the benefits of climate change adaptation

Report proposes a framework consisting of two key indicators (saved wealth and saved health) that allows the total value of an adaptation project to be assessed.

The Economics of Climate Change in the United Republic of Tanzania

Study covers the impacts and economics costs of climate change, the costs of adaptation, and the potential for low carbon growth in Tanzania.

Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change: Ethiopia

Main goal is to aid Ethiopia's government to understand the potential economic impacts of climate change and to develop sound policies and investments in response to such impacts. Adaptation options and their costs are estimated and compared with the costs of inaction. The analysis of impacts and adaptation focuses on three sectors considered: agriculture, road infrastructure, and hydropower.

Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change Annexes: Ethiopia

Describes in detail the main models, assumptions, and analysis methods used in the large report: Economics of Adaptation to Climate Change: Ethiopia.

Cost-effectiveness of the lyme disease vaccine

A vaccine for Lyme disease was approved in 1998 for use in the US. Given the high cost of the vaccine, the low risk of Lyme disease in many areas, and the largely curable nature of the disease, the cost-effectiveness of the vaccine in various risk groups is uncertain. This study was undertaken to examine the cost-effectiveness of the Lyme disease vaccine and the factors that influence its cost-effectiveness.

Sweden facing climate change - threats and opportunities

Costs of adaptation for many sectors, costs and benefits for road transport sector

Valuing Climate Change Impacts on Human Health: Empirical Evidence from the Literature.

This paper critically reviews a number of studies about the costs of planned adaptation in the health context, and compares current health expenditures with MDGs which are felt to be inadequate when considering climate change impacts.

PESETA - Coastal Zones

Costs and benefits of adaptation for coastal zones in Europe using the DIVA model

Potential costs and benefits of adaptation options: A review of existing literature

Critique of UNFCCC (2007) and comment on global adaptation financing needs for 2030 in developing countries. Concludes the costs of adapting to climate change have been significantly under-estimated.