Economcis of Adaptation

Chapter assesses the literature on the economics of climate change adaptation, building on the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) and the increasing role that economic considerations are playing in adaptation decisionmaking and policy.

The National Adaptation Programme Report: Analytical Annex

Analytical annex for the The National Adaptation Programme. Contains the current evidence base for adaptation decision-making and presents the analysis that informs the National Adaptation Programme’s approach to adaptation to climate change.

The Economics of Climate Resilience Buildings and Infrastructure Theme: Overheating in Residential Housing

Given projected climate change in the UK, the report looks at the need for further action in relation to heat impacts on people in residential buildings.

Economics of Climate Resilience Natural Environment Theme: Natural Flood Management

Develops evidence to inform the UK National Adaptation Programme and the adaptation plans of the Devolved Administrations.

Climate Warming and Water Management Adaptation for California

Paper focuses on the likely effects of a range of climate warming estimates on the long-term performance and management of California’s water system.

The Economics of Climate Change Adaptation in Africa's Water Sector: A Review and Way Forward

This working paper summarises existing work on the costs and benefits of climate change adaptation for the water sector in Africa. It reviews adaptation cost estimates for the continent and the main economic appraisal methods used, then summarises results.

National Adaptation Plans: Technical Guidelines for the National Adaptation Plan Process

Technical guidelines to support the NAP (National Adaptation Plan) process. These technical guidelines will assist the LDCs in comprehensively addressing adaptation in a coherent and strategic manner.