Equity and Cost-Effectiveness of Multilateral Adaptation Finance: Are they Friends or Foes?

This paper analyses potential criteria to allocate international funding for adaptation to climate change, as a response to one of the main governance challenges of international adaptation funding - the prioritization of project proposals given scarce funding.

The economics of climate change adaptation in EU coastal areas

This study on ‘The economics of climate change adaptation in EU coastal areas’ provides insights in the state-of-play and the financial dimension of the actions undertaken to prepare Europe’s coastal zones, including the Outermost regions, to the effects of climate change

Human health. In Climate change 2007: Impacts, adaptation and vulnerability,

This volume illustrates the impacts of global warming already under way and the potential for adaptation to reduce the vulnerability to, and risks of climate change.

Climate-Smart Agriculture: A Synthesis of Empirical Evidence of Food Security and Mitigation Benefits from Improved Cropland Management

This paper synthesizes the results of a literature review reporting the evidence base of different sustainable land management practices aimed at increasing and stabilizing crop productivity in developing countries. It is shown that soil and climate characteristics are key to interpreting the impact on crop yields and mitigation of different agricultural practices and that technology options most promising for enhancing food security at smallholder level are also effective for increasing system resilience in dry areas and mitigating climate change in humid areas.

Guidelines for Climate Proofing Investment in Agriculture, Rural Development, and Food Security

This publication aims to present a step-by-step methodological approach to assist project teams to assess and incorporate climate change adaptation measures into agriculture, rural development, and food security investment projects.