Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies: Supporting European Climate Policy

Work Package undertakes a systematic review of existing and potential adaptation options across the EU, with a specific focus on innovative technologies and institutions that can manage, reduce and/or transfer the risks associated with extreme events.

The Costs of Adaptation: Case Study on Heat Related Health Risks and Adaptation in London

Case study aims to assess the potential costs and effectiveness of adaptation actions that address heat-related health risks in London, and identify and discuss the potential for cross-sectoral options that span the built environment.

Heat-Health Action Plans

Report aimed at ministries of health and regional and local health authorities to support them in designing, improving and implementing heat–health action plans to prevent the negative effects on health caused by heat and heat-waves.

Adaptatie aan Klimaatveranderiung - Globale Kosten en Praktische Voorbelden. Literatuurstudie.(Adaptation to Climate Change: Global Costs and Practical Examples)

Extensive study of the international literature concerning the effects of climate change and the associated costs, scaled to the Flemish context for an initial estimate of the potential cost of climate change in Flanders. (in Flemish)

An Economic Approach to Adaptation: Illustrations from Europe

Paper discusses a more strategic, economic approach to public adaptation and compares it with adaptation practice in Europe.

Urban Regions: Vulnerabilities, Vulnerability Assessments by Indicators and Adaptation Options for Climate Change Impacts

Study assesses the feasibility of developing climate change related vulnerability indicators for urban areas to support future EU spatial development policy by reviewing available literature and research activities.

Uncertainty and Climate Change Adaptation: A Scoping Study

The report reviews methods and tools available in the literature on the assessment of climate change uncertainties and reviews existing frameworks for decision making under uncertainty for adaptation to climate change in the Netherlands.

The Economics of Climate Change in Brazil

Determines the extent to which economic impacts of climate change in Brazil are taken into account for development agenda. Economic assessment of expected climate change impacts in Brazil within varying scenarios, identify economic and social vulnerabilities, and determine cost-effective strategies to deal with risks.