Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management Studies (CFRAMSs) and their product - Catchment Flood Risk Management Plans (CFRMPs) - are at the core of this new national policy for flood risk management and the strategy for its implementation. This policy is in line with international best practice and meets the requirements of the EU Floods Directive. The Lee CFRAMS is the primary pilot project for the National CFRAM programme within Ireland, and amongst the stated objectives for it are to: • assess flood risk, through the identification of flood hazard areas and the associated impacts of flooding; • identify viable structural and non-structural measures and options for managing the flood risks for localised high-risk areas and within the catchment as a whole; and • prepare a strategic Catchment Flood Risk Management Plan (CFRMP) and associated Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) that sets out the measures and policies that should be pursued by the Local Authorities and the OPW to achieve the most cost- effective and sustainable management of flood risk within the Lee catchment.

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Cork City Council
Cork County Council

OPW; Cork City Council; Cork County Council (2010). Lee catchment flood risk assessment and management study. Draft catchment flood risk management plan. Cork: Office of Public Works (OPW), Cork City Council and Cork County Council.

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