With this climate adaptation plan we will outline the challenges the city faces in the short and medium terms as a result of changes we expect in the future climate. We will also identify those solutions that, based on our present-day knowledge, appear to be most appropriate and reveal the opportunities climate change may also present to the city. We do not yet know all the consequences climate change will have for Copenhagen, but we will continuously implement the measures required for Copenhagen to continue to be a safe and attractive city to live and spend time in. The changes in the climate will happen over a long period of time. It nevertheless makes good sense to start work on climate adaptation now. Doing so provides a good opportunity to analyse challenges and proposed solutions and identify the optimum solutions and consequently avoid making wrong investments.

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City of Copenhagen

City of Copenhagen (2011): Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan. Copenhagen. http://en.klimatilpasning.dk/media/568851/copenhagen_adaption_plan.pdf

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