In this document, the methodology and the concepts for prioritisation of adaptation measures are comprehensively explained. Prior to this, a theoretical focus is presented to link the concepts of climate change, water, adaptation and economics. Firstly, an understanding of how climate change can affect the water cycle is provided, along with an explanation and listing of different existing adaptation measures to climate change for water supply and sanitation management. Later, it is presented how climate change can be linked to economic analysis. Finally, the concepts and methodology of cost-benefit analysis are revised. Following the theoretical part of the document, a case study is presented. The case study includes a hypothetical future scenario in which different adaptation measures for water supply and sanitation in the Spanish Mediterranean region have to be prioritised.

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Máñez, M.
Cerdà, A.

Máñez, M.; Cerdà, A. (2014): Prioritisation Method for Adaptation Measures to Climate Change in the Water Sector. CSC Report 18, Climate Service Center, Germany.

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