In the Andes, runoff from glacierized basins is an important element of water budgets, assuring year-round flows for agriculture, potable water, power generation, and ecosystem integrity. Thus, changes induced by tropical glacier retreat constitute an early case of the need for adaptation and the type and size of associated economic and social impacts caused by climate change.

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Vergara, W.
Deeb, A. M.
Valencia, A. M.
Bradley, R. S.
Francou, B.
Zarzar, A.
Griinwaldt, A.
Haeussling, S. M.

Vergara, W.; Deeb, A. M.; Valencia, A. M.; Bradley, R. S.; Francou, B.; Zarzar, A.; Griinwaldt, A.; Haeussling, S. M. (2008): Economic Impacts of Rapid Glacier Retreat in the Andes. In: Eos, Vol. 88, No. 25, 19 June 2007, p. 261-264.

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