Valuing the environment remains a problematic and controversial process. Objections vary from concerns about the legitimacy of the procedure to the technical difficulty of the process itself. The purpose of this workshop was to explore these concerns in the context of managed realignment. The purpose of the workshop was real moreover and not dryly academic. Like it or not, a quantified case goes along way in the today’s policy climate. Thus the environment is at a great disadvantage, if soundly based numbers cannot be deployed in its defence. Moreover, in the absence of quantification the environment tends to become a barrier to and not one of the benefits to come from flood risk management.

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Ledoux, L.

Ledoux, L. (Ed.). (2004). Wetland valuation : state of the art and opportunities for further development. Proceedings of a workshop organised for the Environment Agency by Environmental Futures Ltd and CSERGE. Retrieved from

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