This work illustrates the preliminary findings of a participatory research process aimed at identifying responses for sustainable water management in a climate change perspective, in two river basins in Europe and Asia. The paper describes the methodology implemented through local workshops, aimed at eliciting and evaluating possible responses to flooding risk. Participatory workshops allowed for the identification of four categories of possible responses and a set of nine evaluation criteria, three for each of the three pillars of sustainable development. The main result of such activities consists in the ranking of broad response categories, to contribute to the orientation of the Brahmatwinn research project towards the identification of Integrated Water Resource Management Strategies (IWRMS) well grounded upon the issues and preferences elicited from local experts. The mDSS tool was used to facilitate transparent and robust management of the information collected through Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) and the communication of the outputs.

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Ceccato, L.
Giannini, V.
Giupponi, C.
Dipartimento di Economia, U. C. F. di V.

Ceccato, L.; Giannini, V.; Giupponi, C. & Dipartimento di Economia, U. C. F. di V. (2009). A participatory approach for assessing alternative climate change adaptation responses to cope with flooding risk in the upper Brahmaputra and Danube river basins. Working Pap ers Depar tment of Economics Ca’ Foscari University of Venice No. 18/WP/2009. Retrieved from

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