Adaptation to climate change often involves long time frames and uncertainties over consequences of chosen adaptation measures. In this study, two tools developed for assisting local decision-makers in adaptation planning were tested: socio-economic scenarios and sustainability analysis. The objective was to study whether these tools could be of practical relevance to Swedish municipalities and foster local level climate change adaptation. We find that the municipal civil servants who participated in the testing generally considered the tools to be useful and of high relevance, but that more time was needed for using the tools than provided during the test process.

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Baard, P.
Carlsen, H.
Edvardsson Björnberg, K.
Vredin Johansson, M.
Konjunkturinstitutet, G. of S.

Baard, P., Carlsen, H., Edvardsson Björnberg, K., Vredin Johansson, M., & Konjunkturinstitutet, G. of S. (2011). Scenarios and Sustainability A Swedish Case Study of Adaptation Tools for Local Decision-Makers. WORKING PAPER NO 124, SEPTEMBER 2011, PUBLISHED BY THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC RESEARCH (NIER). Retrieved from

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