The aim of this report was to identify the most appropriate measures on the EU level to address different threats. A final selection of measures to be assessed with a view to their costs and economic, social and environmental impacts was agreed at the first interim meeting with the Commission. Measures already part of EU wide assessment projects were no part of the assessment.

Author names: 
Altvater, S.
Block, D. de
Bouwma, I.
Dworak, T.
Frelih-Larsen, A.

Altvater, S., Block, D. de, Bouwma, I., Dworak, T., & Frelih-Larsen, A. (Eds.). (2012). Adaptation measures in the EU : policies, costs, and economic assessment : climate proofing of key EU policies. [Mannheim] : [ZEW]. Retrieved from

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