At its core, the report presents an eight-stage decision- making framework. Given the broad audience and diversity of applications, the framework and supporting guidance are inevitably rather generic. There are questions for the decision-maker to apply at each stage, and tools that may help. Guidance is provided for any decision that is likely to be influenced by climate, and decisions being made specifically in response to climate. The report does not aim to provide specific guidance on particular climate hazards, their probabilities, uncertainties, or possible impacts, as the role of a risk assessment is to assemble such information appropriate to the problem in hand.

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Willows, R.
Reynard, N.
Meadowcroft, I.
Connell, R.

Willows, R., Reynard, N., Meadowcroft, I., & Connell, R. (2003). Climate adaptation: Risk, uncertainty and decision-making. UKCIP Technical Report. UK Climate Impacts Programme

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