The project work was divided into three sub-projects: 1) Risk Assessment (Analysis), 2) Dam Break Hazard Analysis and 3) Emergency/Rescue Action Planning. In addition to these subprojects the International Seminar and Workshop was arranged on October 2-5, 2000 in Seinäjoki and a study visit to the Emergency Services College in Kuopio on October 1, 2000. The main purpose of the RESCDAM project was to develop emergency action planning for dams. A dam break hazard (flood) analysis is a necessary aid for this. A risk assessment (analysis) was also included in the project work. The pilot project of RESCDAM was the embankment dam of the Kyrkösjärvi reservoir located in Seinäjoki in Western Finland. Because dams and especially consequences of a dam failure are quite similar in different countries, results and activities of the RESCDAM project should benefit EU and associated countries. Planned and realised measurable elements of the RESCDAM project results are presented in Chapter 7.

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RESCDAM. (2001). Development of rescue actions based on dam-break flood analysis. Community action programme in the field of civil protection. Finnish Environment Institute.

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