This position paper provides a review of literature applicable to risk based prioritization and decision making relative to the operations and maintenance of dams and associated navigational locks. Particular attention is paid to methodologies developed or used by USACE. Various multi attribute decision modeling and analysis methodologies are summarized and a method is proposed for use in a USACE case study that focuses on the Columbia—Snake River system in the NW District.

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Harrald, J. R.
Renda-Tanali, I.
Shaw, G. L.
Rubin, C. B.
Yeletaysi, S.

Harrald, J. R., Renda-Tanali, I., Shaw, G. L., Rubin, C. B., & Yeletaysi, S. (2004). Review of risk based prioritization/decision making methodologies for dams. US Army Corps for Engineers, The George Washington University, Institute for Crisis, Disaster, and Risk Management, Washington, DC, 29.

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