The aim of this report is to present a high-level review of recent studies that have field-tested CBA either to inform or evaluate community-based climate and disaster risk management ini-tiatives. This report updates a synthesis report (that was written in 2010 and included 11 original studies) and involved a desk-based review of a total of 23 studies. A synopsis of each study is provided in Annex A of this report.

Author names: 
Chadburn, Oenone
Anderson, Chris
Venton, Courtenay Courtenay
Selby, Sarah

Chadburn, Oenone; Anderson, Chris; Venton, Courtenay Courtenay; Selby, Sarah (2013): Applying cost benefit analysis at a community level. A review of its use for community based climate and disaster risk management. Oxfam Research Reports .

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