This article is a summary of ongoing work (Pfeiffer, 2009) where we take advantage of detailed data on groundwater extraction for irrigated agriculture in western Kansas (WIMAS) to build upon these studies. A large-scale shift from standard center pivot irrigation systems to “dropped nozzle” or “low energy precision application (LEPA)” center pivot irrigation systems has occurred in western Kansas in recent years. The shift was aided by policies that subsidized the installation of more efficient irrigation systems in an effort to reduce the extraction of groundwater from the High Plains Aquifer. We evaluate the groundwater extraction data to determine if total water extraction actually decreased, as intended, from the statewide increase in irrigation efficiency.

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Pfeiffer, Lisa
Lin, C.-Y. Cynthia

Pfeiffer, Lisa; Lin, C.-Y. Cynthia (2010): The effect of irrigiation technology on groundwater use. In: Choices, The Magazine of Food, Farm and Resource Issue. 3rd Quarter 2010 | 25(3)

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