This paper has three broad objectives. The first is to examine a little more carefully a main theme of this issue of Global Environmental namely: the usefulness of information about the global marginal benefits of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions to various groups in both developed and developing countries. The second is to comment on the way in which adaptation to climate change is treated in the lead paper by Hitz and Smith (2004), hereafter referred to as HS, and to summarise what I see as the main technical issues in evaluating the contribution of adaptation to avoiding climate change damages. The last objective is to show how these issues can be incorporated into a conceptual framework for characterizing adaptation in regional and multi-regional sectoral assessments of climate.

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Callaway, John M.

Callaway, John M. (2004): Adaptation benefits and costs: are they important in the global policy picture and how can we estimate them? Viewpoint.In: Global Environmental Change 14 (2004) 273-282

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