The assessment of investment and financial flows (I&FF) is a component of the UNDP global project Capacity Development for Policy Makers to Address Climate Change. Uruguay is one of the 20 countries participating in the project worldwide. The project is funded by the governments of Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Finland, UNDP and the United Nations Foundation. According to a recently completed assessment of investment and financial flows (I&FF), the net present value deemed necessary to deal with climate change in these two key sectors, energy and agriculture between now and 2030 is US$ 2.80 billion.

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Martino, Daniel

Martino, Daniel (2011): Evaluacion de los flujos de inversion y financieros necesarios para hacer frente al cambio climática en el sector agropecuario/forestal. Uruguay, Informe Final. Proyecto “Fortalecimiento de las capacidades de los encargados de la formulación de políticas para hacer frente al cambio climático”,

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