This analysis reports on the projected cost of Alaska’s public infrastructure at risk from rapid climate change. Specifically, we coupled projections of future climate with engineering rules of thumb to estimate how thawing permafrost, increased flooding, and increased coastal erosion affect annualized replacement costs for nearly 16,000 structures.

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Larsen, Peter H.
Goldsmith, Scott
Smith, Orson
Wilson, Meghan L.
Strzepek, Ken
Chinowsky, Paul
Saylor, Ben

Larsen, Peter H.; Scott Goldsmith, Orson Smith, Meghan L. Wilson, Ken Strzepek, Paul Chinowsky, Ben Saylor (2008): Estimating future costs for Alaska public infrastructure at risk from climate change. In: Global Environmental Change, Volume 18, Issue 3, August 2008, Pages 442–457.

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