This study utilises high spatial resolution probabilistic projections of urban temperatures along with projections of demographic change, to provide a probabilistic risk assessment of heat impacts on urban society. The study focuses on Greater London and the surrounding region, assessing mortality risk, thermal discomfort in residential buildings, and adaptation options within an integrated framework.

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Jenkins, Katie
Hall, Jim
Glenis, Vassilis
Kilsby, Chris
McCarthy, Mark
Goodess, Clare
Smith, Duncan
Malleson, Nick
Birkin, Mark

Jenkins, Katie; Jim Hall, Vassilis Glenis, Chris Kilsby, Mark McCarthy, Clare Goodess, Duncan Smith, Nick Malleson, Mark Birkin (2014): Probabilistic spatial risk assessment of heat impacts and adaptations for London. In: Climatic Change, DOI 10.1007/s10584-014-1105-4.

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