This report represents the first survey on a global scale of adaptive options for coastal areas in response to a possible acceleration of sea level rise and the implications of these options. The report provides general information on options for a range of coastal areas which cover large continental states to small coastal islands.

Author names: 
Dronkers, J.
Gilbert, J. T. E.
Butler, L. W.
Carey, J. J.
Campbell, J.
James, E.
McKenzie, C.
Misdorp, R.
Quin, N.
Ries, K. L.
Schroder, P. C.
Spradley, J. R.
Titus, J. G.
Vallianos, L.
von Dadelszen, J.

Dronkers, J.; J. T. E. Gilbert, L.W. Butler, J.J. Carey,J. Campbell, E. James , C. McKenzie, R. Misdorp, N. Quin, K.L. Ries, P.C. Schroder, J.R. Spradley, J.G. Titus, L. Vallianos, and J. von Dadelszen. 1990. STRATEGIES FOR ADAPTION TO SEA LEVEL RISE. Report of the IPCC Coastal Zone Management Subgroup: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. Geneva: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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