To provide the international community with an estimate of the amount of financial resources needed to scale up malaria control to reach international goals, including allocations by country, year and intervention as well as an indication of the current funding gap.

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Kiszewski, A.
Johns, B.
Schapria, A.
Delacollette, C.
Crowell, V.
Tan-Torres, T.
Ameneshewa, B.
Teklehaimanot, A.
Nafo-Traore, F.
Bulletin WHO 2007

Kiszewski, A., Johns, B., Schapria, A., Delacollette, C., Crowell, V., Tan-Torres, T., Ameneshewa, B., Teklehaimanot, A., and Nafo-Traore, F., 2007. Estimated global resources needed to attain international malaria control goals, Bulletin WHO 2007 85, 623–630.

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