This report provides a general overview of potential vulnerabilities to climate change and analyzes specific sectors in which climate is an important factor and wherein climate change will likely have a strong impact in the coming century. In particular, the report carries out the following: Identifies the climate change impacts considered to be of greatest concern to Armenia; Conducts a qualitative analysis of each main area of concern as it relates to the social and economic impacts on Armenia; Wherever possible, conducts a quantitative economic analysis based on climate projections for the next century, current conditions in vulnerable sectors, and likely economic impacts discussed in the literature; Identifies potential adaptation measures that would reduce Armenia’s vulnerability in each of the key impact areas; Provides an overview of Armenia’s current funding for projects related to environmental protection and/or poverty reduction (or economic development) and potential international funding sources; and Makes recommendations for “no regrets” and “low regrets adaptation measures which would help Armenia adapt to climate change while advancing socio-economic development aims.

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Stanton, Elizabeth A.
Ackerman, Frank
Resende, Flávia
UNDP Armenia

Stanton,E.;Ackerman,F.;Resende,F.(2009) The socio economic impacts of climate change in Armenia, Armenia: UNDP Armenia

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